Cyrano, My Love

Cyrano My Love (2018) Film Review

Cyrano, My Love is the feature debut of writer/director/actor Alexis Michalik. Having not written anything in two years struggling poet Edmond Rostand (Thomas Soliveres) offers the great actor Constant Coquelin (Olivier Gourmet) a new play to debut in a month. The problem is the play hasn’t been written yet, and only exists with the title “Cyrano de Bergerac”.

Only the desire matters. An absolutely impressive first feature, Cyrano brings together a fantastic ensemble and a delightful script that balances perfect beats and tone throughout to bring to life the wonderful story of the creation of one of the greatest plays ever written. If there are any missteps here they are slight and insignificant, arguably nonexistent. This is a film written and directed with an assured passion and unwavering vision.

Desire incites men to conquer empires, write novels or symphonies. Ultimately Cyrano, My Love follows Edmond Rostand as he pieces together Cyrano de Bergerac under the pressure of a looming deadline. Many little details are all stacked up against this play that doesn’t yet exist from hitting the stage on time, and Edmond’s history of writing flops is the least of them. As the story unfolds Edmond begins to find inspiration in just the right places, and soon begins to use the events of him assisting his friend in courting a love interest as the main basis for the play’s story. Real-life begins to fit perfectly into the play as Edmond’s desire catapults his writing to inevitable success.

But when desire is fulfilled, men’s exploits cease. The period production is nearly perfect, with the background in only a shot or two being slightly off. The cast is immaculate, with not a single misfire. The script is slightly whimsical and never ceases to be charming, enlightening, and just plain funny. It speaks to the hearts of those who are artists, or those who dream of achieving that which they are most passionate about. It stands on its own as a sturdy and worthwhile tale even without its being based on the story of a significant piece of theater

A film as witty, charming, and inspirational as Cyrano’s nose is large.

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