Glorious (2022)
Directed by Rebekah McKendry, Glorious [2022] centers on Wes, a man running from a failed relationship, as he becomes trapped at a rest stop with a mysterious figure hidden in the bathroom stall. Wes discovers that his situation is oozing with irregularities. The mysterious entity (voiced by J.K. Simmons) on the porcelain throne will proposition Wes with a cosmic task, unlike anything he could have anticipated.

Contained: Glorious has several appealing factors for its thriller, horror, and Lovecraftian vibe. The single rest stop bathroom setting keeps everything focused for the audience. The lack of demand on Wes’ surroundings allows for an immersion into the situation as it slowly unravels. Ryan Kwanten (Wes) flows between his nerves and chaos as he interacts with the unknown figure that co-occupies the room. The continuous dialogue in Glorious keeps the story moving at a quick pace; making the viewing experience akin to reading a novella.

Ryan Kwanten in Glorious (2022)

Silly to Serious: Glorious tiptoes between the comedic-horror and dramatic-thriller from time to time. It can feel like a switch is flipped in between scenes to reflect whatever state of mind Wes finds himself in, which paints the road forward for the story. The vibrant color palette in the film lends a helping hand in illustrating the scene-by-scene themes. With a short running time, Glorious captures an array of complex ethical themes while also producing a few singular chuckles at Wes’ actions to break up a serious situation. The script allows for a lot of speculation leading up to the final moments of the third act.

Details: Glorious can sometimes get a bit boggled down in the small details that the script throws at the audience. The visual metaphors do not lack throughout the movie, but they can be too much to unpack in such a short time. Glorious is not groundbreaking enough to require as much attention as the imagery demands.

Glorious may not go down in history as memorable, but it's a fun, fast-paced, contained story with closure and justice for the audience. The chemistry between Wes and his horrific bathroom buddy is entertaining and psychotic.

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