Hot Rod

Hot Rod 2007 Spoiler Free Movie Review
Hot Rod [2007]Rodney Kimble (Andy Samberg) is an amateur stunt man with the ambition to become the next Evil Knievel. Rod engages in hand to hand combat with his stepfather Frank (Ian McShane) weekly, in order to acquire his respect. One day he is given the news that Frank dying, and his family cannot afford the bills for the operation. So Rod devises a plan with his crew (Jorma Taccome, Bill Hader, Danny McBride, and Isla Fisher) to acquire the money by attempting one of the biggest jumps of all time, to save Frank, and kick his ass.
Cool beans. The film is directed by Akiva Schaffer, a member of The Lonely Island (along with Andy Samberg, and Jorma Taccone), the comedic rap group that mostly known for their hilarious SNL digital shorts. The film isn’t quite as vulgar as their music, but it’s definitely at the same level of quality, so if you’ve ever enjoyed anything by them, you’ll likely enjoy this film.
Amazing soundtrack. The film has an 80’s soundtrack that just delightful, and it contributes to the scenes; instead of just playing upbeat music in the background of a scene, and have useless shots that are there to just kill time. The film actually has a somewhat musical scene that is probably the best scene in the film, and one of the most hilarious scenes in a comedy.
Saying what? Everything about this film is just dumb and goofy; especially the characters. The performances in the film are all pretty good, everybody pretty much plays themselves, or a persona that is familiar (Will Arnett practically is a successful Gob). Danny McBride is definitely the best out of the group, not only his performance, but his dialogue is extremely quotable and hilarious.
The only drawbacks are that the film is really short, I would have enjoyed more of this film, and sadly it doesn’t even really hit the 90-minute mark. There’s also problems with the plot. Certain points feel way too scripted towards the end, and some scenes actually end up feeling way to childish. This doesn’t detract much because the great characters and writing make up for it.

Inspirational, hilarious, delightful soundtrack, amazing PG-13 comedy.