Image of Maika Monroe starring in the 2015 horror film, It Follows
It Follows [2015] is the horror film that took the internet by storm in early 2015. The film follows a girl named Jay (Maika Monroe) who, in the middle of exploring her youthful sexuality, catches something. This thing takes the shape of people and at all times it is following you. Jay must try to escape this curse by passing it along via intimate encounters, but she soon learns that it will go down the line, killing one by one and that she may never outrun this thing that follows.

Can you help me occupy my brain? It Follows is a kind of scary we don’t see very often anymore. This isn’t constant jump scares, teenagers-giggling-in-the-theater scary. This is paranoia and impending dread scary. Through the fear of the unknown, the audience is not only enthralled by what’s on screen, but the film lingers with them after the credits roll. There are long, fixed-position shots and that left one scanning the screen, searching for one of the people this curse inhabits. Sometimes there’s something there, other times not, and oh boy is it effective.

But that soundtrack, tho. The electronic score, composed by American musician Disasterpeace, is absolutely insane. It harkens back to scores like that of John Carpenter’s Halloween [1978] while still fitting the modern (well, modern-ish, its kind of hard to tell) setting of this film. It really helps to build the tension and dread, but it wouldn’t be out of place being blasted in your car.

Above average IQ. This is a pretty smart film, a compliment rarely given out to modern horror movies. While some characters make some questionable decisions, especially our protagonist's choice of sexual partners, the film still feels quite competent in its storytelling. The concept is fresh and exciting and leaves just the right amount of mystery to the audience. Some of the acting isn’t amazing and there is some iffy dialogue, but ultimately the film is well done by all involved.


Never pandering and creepy throughout.

It Follows is featured on Borrowing Tape's Best Films of 2015 list. 

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