Kill List [2011] Spoiler Free Movie Review

Kill List [2011] shows the events that unfold when a retired hit-man is pressed back out of retirement to financially support his family during a squeeze. Jay (Neil Maskell) is a husband and father of one who is experiencing some serious marital discord with his wife Shel (MyAnna Buring) due to some serious relationship straining cash flow issues. In a dinner party over at the Jay residence, the stressed couple invites over Jay’s former hit-man partner Gal (Michael Smiley) along with current flame Fiona (Emma Fryer). The couple persists to passive aggressively dig at each other until they awkwardly fight in front of mixed company. In a moment alone together, Gal and Jay have a discussion about the old times in a botched job which nevertheless put old Jay in retirement, which leads to Gal putting forth a very lucrative offer on the table. Three assignments equal three kills and a ton of money. Save your marriage, Jay. Get paid.

Prepare your ears. It'll take some time getting accustomed to the very thick accents on show. It will no doubt frustrate those who are not used to it. The music is unsettling and feels as if it takes precedence over much of the dialogue. Without any warning, the volume of the background music reaches so high, it'll have you scrambling to find the remote control. Each character’s seemingly peculiar actions breeds’ distrust till you’ll start speculating the self-interest of every single wacko on screen. Two words to perfectly explain the feelings brought about by the end of the film: discomfort and distrust.  It’s all a little mysterious and cold. A hit-mans' motis operandi. No knowledge of anything besides the target and no remorse.

Glaringly similar to A Serbian Film. Luring a family man back out of retirement and into the darkness is both harrowing and intriguing. Did I mention that they both also happen to feature on the Top 200 Most Disturbing Films list?!

Symbology unexplained. You'll probably think to yourself, what any if all of the symbols and metaphors mean. Perhaps you'll need to opt-in sifting in forums for answers. That's the type of movie it is.


There will be blood, there will be violence and you’ll be knocking down doors for answers by the end.

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