Love and Honor

Love and Honor 2013 Spoiler Free Movie Review
Love and Honor [2013] is a true story that follows young soldier Dalton Joiner and his friend Michael ‘Mickey’ Wright, who go AWOL from the Army after Dalton gets a letter from his girlfriend making his entire world come to a halt.

The Hippy Generation. A fresh take on a war movie; without the war in it. There’s no blood or guts as the story more delves into the lives of the ones closest to the veterans that get affected by the war. Set in 1969 it’s even more about peace and love, being in the prime of the era where hippies reigned.

Bang, Bang, Fizzle. Low budget films can’t have too high of an expectation, this one holds up with the quality of the story but for a film that only earned $16,769 in the box office, the post-production lacked unsurprisingly. A lot of the color grading was off, making a lot of the film look green and there were some missed sound effects that could’ve been used to heighten the intense scenes.

Hemsworth-it. I, like a fair chunk of the female population, love any movie with a Hemsworth in it. The gorgeous smile and blue eyes make any girl swoon – and it makes it even better when there’s good acting. Liam Hemsworth really fills the shoes of ‘player’ Mickey Wright, he plays a crude young soldier who just wants to drink, get high and have sex and he plays the part really well. Along with side fellow Australian actor Teresa Palmer, they bring quality to their characters and really help progress the movie.

Plot Twist. This may seem like a simple love story, but it comes with an interesting ending that makes you realize that the ending you were probably expecting would’ve made for an incomplete movie. We get full character development and an enjoyable love story by the end of this 96-minute film.

There may not be any massive explosions but this film is full of heart and really opens your eyes to certain situations through another person’s eyes.  

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