Mad Max Furty Raod 2015 Spoiler Free Movie Review
Mad Max: Fury Road [2015] is the masterpiece from the visionary filmmaker (George Miller) that brought us Happy Feet, The Road Warrior, and Babe: Pig in the City. The film takes place in a post-apocalyptic wasteland where food, water, and gasoline are scarce, yet they have a vehicle just to carry 4 big drums, and a guy playing a flame-spitting guitar. The film revolves around "Max" (Tom Hardy), as he runs into an insane civilization run by a crazy warlord (Hugh Keays-Byrne), who holds him hostage for no apparent reason; After a series of events, Max is put in a high stakes situation where he must aid Furiosa (Charlize Theron) on her quest to take a group of innocent girls to her homeland, for their safety.

Keeping it simple: The thing that makes Fury Road an amazing film is the pure simplicity of the plot and dialogue. There are no major twists or multiple storylines, and dialogue is only used when needed; you could probably watch the film without it and still know 98% of what's happening in the film. It's refreshing to have this since we're at a phase where the action genre seems to forget that there is nothing wrong with a simple plot, as long as you have great character development, great action scenes, and great actors.

F*** yea! Explosions! Every scene in this film is carefully planned out, and there isn't a boring second of the film. You would think that at some point they would have the typical "Let's stay here the night, and we'll leave in the morning" scene, but the film is just one continuous chase scene. That is another thing that is very refreshing about Fury Road, the film mixes both plot progression and action. Unlike most recent Hollywood blockbuster films where plot progression is paused for action sequences, Fury Road overwhelms you with both and constantly keeps me at the edge of my seat because of it. If that isn't enough to make every scene awesome, the film has one of the greatest soundtracks of all time, once you hear the giant drums and electric guitar; you can tell that something is about to go down.

Err-mmm: The film's title is Mad Max: Fury Road, but it's not even about "Max", Tom Hardy has very few speaking lines in the film. The film's center revolves around Charlize Theron, who is just phenomenal. There aren't necessarily any bad performances, but Charlize Theron runs the show if anything Nicholas Hoult really surprised me with his role as a psychopathic member of the warlords’ car club.

Go watch Mad Max, watch it 50 times, at least once in 3D.
Don't wait for the Blu-Ray.

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