Film Still from Psycho Goreman (2020)
PG: Psycho Goreman is a 2020 horror-comedy written and directed by Steven Kostanski. The movie centers around a little girl and her brother who find a gem that controls an evil universe-destroying monster. So, of course, they make this tall evil-being do their bidding. Psycho Goreman delivers a twist on the 'genie in a bottle' concept.

The acting. My first thought was that these child actors are not great. They do their best, but the final product is a less than convincing performance. I don't think it's in their favor that the entire character is “child”. The main girl, Mimi, has a bit of character. She is the tough little girl in every Disney Channel show — I suppose it is a formula that works. The other characters in the film also give performances that are less than fantastic. They give you enough to keep watching the film, but you're constantly aware that these are actors.

Audience. Psycho Goreman is a horror-comedy, but the comedy is very child-friendly, and the gore is tame. There is plenty of blood, but nothing that looks too real to be scary. It's a perfect film for parents wanting to introduce their kids to horror films without giving them nightmares (so, the not-so-realistic acting becomes a good thing!) It helps prevent the film from being too scary, which is — again — good for kids. There is also no offensive content other than the campy murders and some curse words (with one f-bomb at the end). There were plenty of funny sight gags and double meaning jokes, which parents and kids could also enjoy.

Monsters. I love the monster design — there were a lot of easter eggs for horror fans. The practical effects remind me of 80s B movies like Killer Clowns from Outer Space or Society or Mars Attacks! (yes, I know that’s 1996). The movie poster and end-credit sequence pay homage to its B movie influences. The monster costumes themselves are reminiscent of the Japanese Power Rangers show from the 1970s. Each monster has a unique look, voice, and personality — the monsters are perfect.

Film Still from Psycho Goreman

My gripes. It truly felt like there were chunks of the film missing. I thought characters were coming to their own conclusions or making plans off-screen because the film jumps straight to certain scenes without any build-up — which was jarring and negatively affected the pacing.

PG: Psycho Goreman is a campy kids horror comedy that is sure to entertain.

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