Red Right Hand

Orlando Bloom in Red Right Hand (2024)
Magnolia Pictures
Directed by Eshom Nelms and Ian Nelms, Red Right Hand is a 2024 action thriller film that follows Cash (Orlando Bloom) who attempts to live a quiet life but is forced back into the gang he was previously part of — led by Big Cat (Andie MacDowell) — to work off his brother's debt to them. He's pushed to his limit and proves he'd do anything to protect his family.

Red Right Hand features two relatively big names. The first is Orlando Bloom; a solid choice for the role as we've seen him in action roles before, playing the reluctant hero. The second is Andie MacDowell; this role is quite a change of pace from her usual roles, but she does well. The supporting characters in Red Right Hand feel very one-dimensional, except the Preacher (Garret Dillahunt) and Savannah, Cash's niece (Chapel Oaks,) who makes her film debut in Red Right Hand.

Red Right Hand is a slow burn. Although Red Right Hand is within the average movie length runtime range of 111 minutes, the film feels longer, considering it has a relatively uncomplicated story. Some scenes feel too drawn out, or just unnecessary. When there is action and violence — because you're just waiting for things to happen. Perhaps the filmmakers have taken inspiration from directors such as Tarantino, who follow a similar formula with everything leading up to the big shootout in the third act. However, in Red Right Hand's case, the protagonists are reluctant to engage in violence.

Although the main themes in the film are family and revenge, Red Right Hand fails to connect and evoke emotion.

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