star trek beyond 2016

Star Trek Beyond [2016] is the third film in the reboot of the Star Trek franchise that started back in 2009. For this film, J.J. Abrams stepped down as director and Justin Lin (the man behind multiple movies in the Fast & Furious series) takes over with his first crack at the Science Fiction film genre. Beyond once again returns with the perfect cast for all the classic space explorers that fanatics have followed since the 1960's as the crew continues to travel through the depths of the galaxy.

Returning to the Roots:  Beyond benefits from having star Simon Pegg, a lifelong fan of Star Trek, be a co-writer on the script. This film is full of that feeling we all enjoy from the original television show -- the campiness -- the camaraderie and banter between characters -- THE ACTUAL SPACE TRAVEL. Pegg made sure to include more of the original atmosphere than the two previous films. The authenticity of Beyond causes it to sail past the recent films and lands it into the discussion with the original content it is pulled from. The previous films did a poor job of feeling like an authentic Star Trek story, focusing too much on “close to home” issues. Beyond still does come “close to home” but it explores space and its genre just like the previous films should have been doing. Thanks, Simon.

BAM BOOM!:  Sitting and watching this film may seem to be very draining to the mind. This is because the action sequences in this film are through the roof! Justin Lin brought over his skills from the Fast & Furious films he has worked on and it paid off in a big way. Each action frame in the film is like another line of dialogue that is crucial to the plot. Action can at times, in most films, take away from the focus of the film -- not Beyond.

Star Cast:  Nothing really new here but the main cast of this film is absolutely amazing. And they have only become better and better with each film. However, some of the supporting cast is a bit of a waste...

...Bit of a Waste:  The worst part of Beyond is it fails to make good use of the amazing acting skills that Idris Elba has at his disposal. The villain is underwhelming in the film as he really does not do a single thing. He has a decent plan and for a decent reason (there are some hints of modern day traditionalism thrown in this aspect of the film) but overall Idris Elba does not unleash himself like expected.

Star Trek Beyond [2016] soars as one of the best Star Trek films to be made and will prove to be a real treat for anyone who is a fan of the television series.