The Little Prince

The Little Prince [2015] finally came out as a Netflix original after some time with post-production issues. This animated adventure adapted from the beloved French children’s story explores how to be a kid and stay that way! Well in a way it is. With an absolutely superstar voice cast that includes big deals like Jeff Bridges, James Franco and even Paul Rudd (seriously where does he find the time for all the amazing work he has done recently?), this story about a Little Prince in space will touch your heart while giving you a chance to remember what it is like to grasp your youth again.

A+ Adaptation: The Little Prince does a wonderful job with integrating the original tale with a modern day story. I remember reading The Little Prince years ago and everything that was memorable and important from the story was represented with an amazing sense of grace in the film. Skeptical at first for the modern integration storyline, I was soon put in my place as our two heroes thrust themselves into glamorous transitions between real life and this old tale.

Color & Class: The art style used in this film takes about five or so minutes to get used to. But after the adjustment to what seems like a bland and flat animation, the film kind of goes through a reverse maturing process, melting the hard edges and bulking graphics, into a smooth and delicate composition. The transition between the two stories is realized with the separate art styles used. This does not create two separate films and is the best part.

I Feel it in My Feels: At the end of the day, The Little Prince, both film and original story have an overwhelming yet simplistic message that is delivered. When we grow up we have lost what made us so innocent and happy when we were young. This story and film teach us that it is possible to retain that character and still be successful in our world. Not only does the film use characters and dialogue to give us this message, but the images displayed throughout the film allude to the message. If by the end of The Little Prince you do not want to try and find that old youth then you must either be lost or already there.

Untargeted Audience: I really do not believe this film is useful to small children. Only because the issues in the film do not really matter to them yet because they are already living the best life they can. This film is really for young adults and even some older folks who need a good little reminder of what kept them happy years ago. Along with that, I do think the film is a little too advanced with its script in order for children to understand. They may think the film is pretty, which they should, but they will not be able to grasp the message.

The Little Prince [2015] may very well be the best-animated film for our world today. A world that at times may have lost where it began. Well, this movie will help you retrace your steps.