Image of Johnny Depp from Transcendence 2014

Transcendence presents Johnny DeppMorgan Freeman and Cillian Murphy in a craptastic cure for insomnia.

For your own sake: do not waste time or energy. It has all the makings of a great film, but no follow through. The actors, production, concept, budget…all wasted.

Oh, singularity! A film made about you is surely a sight to see. Then why has this bored me so? I literally fell asleep 3 times. Feelings of anger and confusion boil to the surface. Half-way in, I thought to myself  "What has become of Johnny Depp?" He has led us astray!

Two whole hours. One hundred and twenty minutes. Gone. This is not an exaggeration, it really is that bad. Only anger and regret remain out this yawn-inducing wreckage.

There's probably a Black Mirror episode which does it better.
A great cast is sadly wasted due to a weak storyline. 

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