Z for Zachariah [2015]
Z for Zachariah [2015] is the new Sundance flick which follows a disaster that wipes out most of civilization. A scientist (Chiwitel Ejiofor) and a miner (Chris Pine) compete for the love of a woman (Margot Robbie), who just might be the last woman on earth.

A for Acting.  Since this is a three-man show, much of the drama and tension all hangs on the acting.  And, for the most part, they all work.  Margot Robbie has been crushing it lately with The Wolf of Wall Street and Focus, and she turns in solid work as Anne.  Even better is that she’s a Christian woman, but it’s one of the more interesting religious portrayals in ages.  This movie neither preaches nor belittles her faith.  It just lets her be a fully developed human being.  Chris Pine is fine.  Nothing groundbreaking, but always a nice presence onscreen.  Chiwitel Ejiofor is very good too, but from the lead of 12 Years a Slave, that’s only to be expected.

A for Atmosphere.  It’s also shot very well and has a nice, eerie score that sets the mood quite well.  It fits this post-apocalyptic world quite well and sets the mood for this slow-burn of a story.  Even though it’s 95-minutes long, it’s set at a lethargic pace that’ll only work for the most patient and attentive viewers.  But, thankfully, the patience is certainly rewarded.

A for Alright.  It’s very hard to talk (or write) about this movie without delving into spoilers.  But this is a spoiler-free zone and it will stay that way.  What can be said, with no spoilers, is that this is a solid science-fiction film with a lot to think about after it ends.  None of it ever feels groundbreaking or new, but it remains intriguing throughout.   Definitely a film worth watching at least once.

Interesting and thought-provoking sci-fi.
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