Party Checklist for 89th Academy Awards 2017

The 2017 Oscars: Essential Party Checklist

The Oscars are now only just less than a week away means prepping time for all of those with a party or a dream.

This article contains Oscar party recommendations including free, easily downloadable and printable content to make your Oscars party even better.

 Oscar Movie Checklist
A well designed free and downloadable checklist of all the movies nominated/number of nominations for each film.

 Oscar Ballot  
A downloadable unofficial ballot for you to choose your winners. 

 Bingo Games
Two free downloadable options for beautifully designed bingo games. 


Great way to find out which films you've seen/haven't seen.

Have you seen all of the movies nominated for the 88th Academy Awards?
There are 47 feature films nominated and 15 short films. 

This 2017 printable movie checklist designed by The Gold Knight makes it easy to figure out which nominated movies have gotten the lion's share of the nominations but hardcore cinephiles or those who are self-professed completists will also appreciate it as a useful tool. 

Yes, it's also available in black and white.


Print out your own unofficial but still very cool Oscar ballot - keeps things nice and competitive. 

Time to cast your votes.

Download this printable Unofficial Oscar Ballot here.



Two fantastic options for Bingo Games which celebrate the 89th Academy Awards.


The 2017 Academy Awards will be airing February 26, 2017, 5:30 PM PST.

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