Samara Weaving in Ready or Not 2019
Ready or Not is a horror/comedy from director's Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett. On her wedding night, Grace (Samara Weaving) is forced to play a game as an initiation into the family of a board gaming empire. What seems like a simple game of hide-and-seek is something more sinister. Also starring Adam Brody, Mark O'Brien, Henry Czerny, and Andie MacDowell.

Run! Run! Run! The overall approach and tone to this film are precisely what you expect from a premise as simple and silly as this. A deadly game of hide-and-seek, with the reasoning that starts as a bit of a mystery and ends up being something else entirely. This is the kind of film that delivers on all its promises; it's darkly funny, plenty bloody, and full of surprising moments.

It’s time to run and hide! Samara Weaving always seems to find herself in films with bloody and eccentric premises, and she continues to prove she's able to hold her own. The support of the ensemble altogether is incredibly strong as well, with adequate to exceptional performances across the many characters that are well balanced in screen time and narrative presence. The runtime is short and sweet, with little to no fluff, and the ending sticks the landing so that the final impression leaves audiences giddy and satisfied. This is absolutely the kind of film that could have ultimately been forgettable with a sour end, but the lead-up and execution is a perfect surprise to cap off this crazy film.

“Hey, you wanted to get married.” While the plot is unique enough, the overall story feels like many of the dark comedy/horror films that have come before it. The unexpected bloodbath in a house is hard to keep fresh even with clever narrative reasoning, but Ready or Not does a good job of keeping audiences interested with likable characters and a driving question that leads to its fulfilling conclusion.

A silly and violent game of hide-and-seek that doesn't overstay its welcome.

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