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The Family 2016 Spoiler Movie Review

The Family [2016]

The Family is an Australian documentary that recounts the harrowing tale of a Cult in the suburbs of Melbourne led by a woman who believed herself to be Jesus&... READ MORE

Tower [2016]

Tower , based entirely on first-hand accounts, paints a multifaceted picture of the 1966 mass shooting at University of Texas at Austin. Art as Language… Days ... READ MORE
A Brony Tale 2014 Movie Review

A Brony Tale [2014]

A Brony Tale , released in 2014 by producer Morgan Spurlock, who brought us Super-Size Me, explores the phenomenon of Bronies. Brony: A typically middle-aged ma... READ MORE
Finders Keepers [2015]

Finders Keepers [2015]

Finders Keepers at face value, examines the unexpected intersection of Shannon Whisnant and John Wood’s lives when Whisnant purchases a grill, from a storage a... READ MORE