The Vehicles of Mad Max Infographic Franchise

The Vehicles of Mad Max

Planning an exotic trip to one of many wondrous locations the Wasteland offers? You could maybe watch the fireworks from one of Gastown’s steel chimneys. Or maybe visiting the Grit Canyons whilst camping in Parch Moon. Unfortunately, this is the Wast... READ MORE

A Gargantuan Godzilla [Infographic]

Godzilla is indeed back. However, considering how many times Godzilla has actually appeared onscreen since his first iteration back in 1954, it actually might be more appropriate to say ‘Godzilla again’ as he has never really gone away. Godzilla, or... READ MORE

Movie Monsters That Ruled the Big Screen

  IMDb has created a pretty awesome infographic that calculates what horror monster/s ruled each decade of film since the 1910s. The infographic spans 110 years and puts into perspective the trending emergence of one subgenre as well as the d... READ MORE
Biggest Movie Sets

The Biggest Film Sets of All Time [Infographic]

The advent of visual effects has been both a tragedy and a blessing; while they do allow full immersion into alternate universes, like that of Tron: Legacy or Avatar, tangible movie sets are a dying art form. Epics like Intoler... READ MORE
gender ratios in pop fiction

A Mans World: Gender Ratios in Popular Culture

It is no secret that the male to female ratio is uneven when it comes to fictional works, so Icelandic visual story tellers Sirry Larusdottir and Smari Palmarsson created an infographic to highlight the disproportion of gender roles in popular fictio... READ MORE

Kingsman: The Secret Service Church Infographic

Kingsman: The Secret Service is not a film for the faint-hearted. Within the first ten minutes, a man has been cleanly sliced in half. By the end, there are several dozen head explosions and many, many, many more broken bones. The ... READ MORE