The Vehicles of Mad Max

Planning an exotic trip to one of many wondrous locations the Wasteland offers? You could maybe watch the fireworks from one of Gastown’s steel chimneys. Or maybe visiting the Grit Canyons whilst camping in Parch Moon. Unfortunately, this is the Wasteland. A terrifying and certainly not family-friendly dystopia full of homicidal maniacs (fittingly named ‘War Boys’) with silver lipstick prodding your car with sticks round every bend. So you’d better hope Valhalla that you’re geared up.

Artist Chris Herbert has brought to life every vehicle from the Mad Max universe – from the original all the way to Fury Road – in an awesome poster. Virtually every vehicle is present including the Pursuit Interceptor Special, The Peacemaker, and even The Gyrocopter.

George Miller’s manic creations have brought imagination to cinema, but I think we could learn some useful ‘techniques’ just in case we experience some devastating event. If so, attach some Thunderspoons to your roof, fill up an additional jerry can, soup up your engine and suspension but most of all, good luck.