The 39 Stats – Charting Hitchcock’s Obsessions [Infographic]

April is quickly approaching and you know what’s happening in April? No, I am not referring to April Fools’, Passover or even 420, but don’t let me stop you from enjoying a doobie with your Matzo ball soup as you tape your coworker’s mouse. Yet, if those things don’t quite quell your thirst for thrills, then let me posit this: take up The Cinema as your religion and perhaps what you’ll find is that, like me, what you are probably most looking forward to, in April, is indie director Jeremy Saulnier’s newest film Green Room [2016] slated for both limited and wide release. Yes, folks. That’s right. If you watched vagrant Dwight’s misadventures in Blue Ruin [2013] on the edge of your seat, then April holds the potential for another such (mis)adventure.

In anticipation of Green Room [2016], let’s turn an eye to the master of thrillers: Alfred Hitchcock.

Hitch is at once ubiquitous and impenetrable. With over 60 directing credits, which includes shorts, television series and films of varying degrees of success, his mark on the cinema is, without question, indelible. And yet, with such an oeuvre, where does one even begin to appreciate Hitchcock as the master of suspense? In short, the answer is, of course, just to watch as many of his films that you can get your hands on. However, if you’re the kind of person who finds statistics to be even the slightest bit interesting, then behold The 39 Stats: a handy pun of an infographic that details various Hitchcock parameters both frivolous and interesting; and, let us collectively get in the mood for thrills—cheap or well earned—that April holds in store for moviegoers alike.