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Carmen Wong

after-the-storm-2016 spoiler free movie review

After the Storm [2016]

After the Storm is Japanese auteur Hirokazu Koreeda’s most recent project. Working with previous collaborators, Koreeda tells the tale of a middle-aged man Ryo... READ MORE
Paterson 2016 Spoiler Free Movie Review

Paterson [2016]

Paterson is one of the two Jim Jarmusch films released this year—the other being a music documentary about The Stooges titled Gimme Danger . Whereas viewers mi... READ MORE
captain fantastic 2016

Captain Fantastic [2016]

Captain Fantastic is the sophomore feature film written and directed by Matt Ross who is probably, of late, more recognizably the face of Gavin Belson, the egomaniacal CEO of the fictitious tech goliath Hooli from HBO’s Silicon Valley. Ross’s film s... READ MORE
Carmen Wong

Carmen Wong

Movie Reviewer/Contributing Writer

I’m Carmen. I watch ​Louie​ compulsively and I prefer red wine over white. I also write about film.