nineteen + eighteen =

7 + 16 =

James Bond’s Sexual Conquests: The Other Kind of Body Count [Infographic]

“What’s your number, Mr. Bond?”

“Double-0 Seven”

“No Mr. Bond, what is your number?”

“Well, my dear, I’m afraid that information is …classified.”

No, this isn’t authentic Bond dialogue, but it may as well be.  And for those of you counting at home that number stands at 54, not including any potential rendezvous from the newest iteration in the Bond canon, Spectre.  Agent 007 doesn’t seem to have a preference, whether it’s underwater or in outer space, on a boat or on a train, he’ll take his women anywhere they come.  But Bond had better hope that his trademarked tuxedo visage has a license to kill of its own, as it continues to redefine the phrase “body count.”

Source & Designer: Emma Price (@TinyMaster)