Promising Young Woman

Film Still from Promising Young Woman (2020)
Promising Young Woman is a thriller film about a woman named Cassie Thomas (Carey Mulligan) who plans her mysterious revenge after being traumatized by something truly unspeakable in her past. During the day, she works at a coffee shop. At night, she lives a double life and targets particular people for them to change the error of their ways. Cassie is intelligent and willing to do whatever it takes to make them pay. Written and directed by Emerald Fennell in her feature debut, Promising Young Woman is probably one of the most ambitious and riveting films that you will ever see.
Carey Mulligan and Bo Burnham at cafe
Film Still from Promising Young Woman (2020)

Revenge has never looked so promising. As the main protagonist, Carey Mulligan is easily the best part of the entire movie. She is extraordinary — it might be the best acting performance that she has ever given. You can understand what Cassie is going through because Mulligan adds a lot of emotional depth to her character. The pain that she carries throughout is quite devastating to see, and you feel for her. It must have been a tough challenge for her to take on this role, but she does an extraordinary job. The film has a great supporting cast of actors such as Bo Burnham, Laverne Cox, Adam Brody, Max Greenfield, Jennifer Coolidge, and Alison Brie. However, Mulligan still manages to stand out from start to finish. Fennell’s screenplay makes sure to give Cassie thorough character development with clever and well-written dialogue.

Film Still from Promising Young Woman (2020)

Extremely unique. One important aspect you should point out is that Promising Young Woman looks stunning — it's a vibrant, stylish, and colorful film. Praise goes to the entire crew for their hard work, especially the art direction, cinematography, and editing. From the get-go, it perfectly sets up the overall vibe of the premise — you’re immediately locked in. While the storytelling is compelling in terms of characters, pacing, and narrative structure — it does feel a little bit predictable to a certain degree. Additionally, there’s something that happens in the movie that'll undeniably divide moviegoers.

Promising Young Woman is fantastic. It’s not for everybody, but it's nonetheless a brilliant feature directorial debut from Emerald Fennell. After watching this film, you're likely to be excited to see what she does next. It’s most certainly worth seeing for Carey Mulligan’s excellent performance, and she deserves an Oscar nomination. It’s quite an empowering and profound revenge thriller that will emotionally wreck you once the movie is over. Guaranteed that it will leave you shook.

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