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Tia Talge

Everybody Loves Somebody 2017 Movie Review

Everybody Loves Somebody

Everybody Loves Somebody : Written and directed by Catalina Aguilar Mastretta and starring Karla Souza from ABC’s How to Get Away with Murder, Everybody Loves S... READ MORE
Tragedy Girls 2017 Movie Review

Tragedy Girls

Tragedy Girls : Starring relative newcomers Alexandra Shipp and Brianna Hildebrand (known mostly for their small roles in the X-Men franchise), Tragedy Girls is... READ MORE
Ingrid Goes West 2017 Spoiler Free Movie Review

Ingrid Goes West

Ingrid Goes West is the quirky and outrageous tale of one young woman’s determination to be considered a somebody. A modern-day The Talented Mr Ripley , Aubrey Plaza stars as Ingrid Thorburn, a somewhat unstable woman whose mission to be seen in a n... READ MORE
Tia Talge

Tia Talge

Contributing Writer

Screenwriting grad with a very soft spot for low-brow cinema and sour patch kids.