A Good Woman Is Hard to Find

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A Good Woman Is Hard to Find is a thriller that revolves around a widowed young mother of two kids named Sarah (Sarah Bolger) who wants to figure out the mystery and truth behind her husband’s murder. Also, things go really wrong for her when Tito (Andrew Simpson), a local criminal, starts barging into her home to try to hide some drugs that he has stolen from an evil crime boss. Directed by Abner Pastoll, known for the 2015 film titled Road Games, it is an intense and brutal dramatic thriller that will keep you invested from start to finish.
Sarah Bolger in A Good Woman is Hard to Find (2019)
A Good Woman is Hard to Find (2019)

A compelling lead protagonist. The best part of the entire film is Sarah Bolger’s outstanding performance as the widowed mother, Sarah. She brings so much depth to her character, and you feel for her. It’s sad to see her cope with the death of her husband, especially when she’s also busy taking care of her two children. The screenplay, written by Ronan Blaney, makes sure that she develops growth as the premise goes on. It’s a very personal story for the lead character, and that’s something the filmmakers show extremely well. While Bolger does amazingly carrying the film as the main protagonist, the rest of the cast does fine with what they’re given. The supporting actors don’t stand out, because sometimes they’re just there in the background with not a lot of development given to them. However, it’s also important to know that the whole movie revolves around Sarah, so you’re able to let that flaw go.

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Brutal and intense! Abner Pastoll is a truly incredibly talented filmmaker when it comes to making thrillers. The tone is just so gritty with some great cinematography by Richard C. Bell. However, don’t expect A Good Woman Is Hard to Find to be a full-on action-packed flick from beginning to end. Instead, it focuses more on the dramatic aspect for the audience to be deeply engaged in the story. The film is an enthralling slow burn that asks moviegoers to pay attention to what’s going on on-screen. At times, it does feel like the pacing is a little off, but it doesn’t compromise the movie as you’re still interested to see what’s happening with Sarah.

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A Good Woman Is Hard to Find is an emotionally engaging thriller with a fantastic performance by Sarah Bolger. It showcases Abner Pastoll’s skills as a brilliant director who excels in thriller filmmaking, and you’ll be excited to see what he does next.

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