Ryan Reynolds and T.J Miller in the sequel to the first Deadpool.

Deadpool 2 [2018] is the follow up to the popular origin focused title of the same namesake. This time it is David Leitch behind the camera (John Wick, Atomic Blonde, and has over 70 stunt coordination credits on his resume) with Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick returning with another explosive and entertaining script. Ryan Reynolds continues to portray his beloved character of Wade Wilson aka Deadpool and is accompanied by Josh Brolin in the role of Cable (wow, two major comic book roles released within six weeks?). Fans can expect another wild ride as Deadpool assembles his own super duper team to combat the hard-headed Cable in an effort to preserve juvenile innocence in the form of a moody teenage mutant...it really is better than how it sounds!

Great Follow Up: Sequels are a scary thing. But Deadpool 2 survives the sequel curse and has plenty of qualities that inspire a debate as to if it is better than its predecessor. This starts with the direction of David Leitch. Action sequences in Deadpool 2 absolutely blow away those of the first film. It is clear how talented at directing the hand-to-hand combat Leitch is when watching this film. Reese and Wernick try their best to provide better humor but perhaps there were too many references that could go over the head of a common filmgoer? Nonetheless, there are countless scenes of absurdity that deserve a gut explosion of laughter. Ryan Reynolds will never disappoint as the “Merc with a Mouth” and will hopefully play the role until he is confined to a wheelchair. And the supporting cast really supports the different tones of the film, despite the inclusion of an oversaturated theme of mourning and redemption.

Supporting Flavors: The aforementioned supporting cast really shines through thanks to Josh Brolin (Cable) and Zazie Beetz (Domino). How Brolin managed to portray two major Marvel comic book characters and steal the show in both of those films is beyond the simple-minded. But comic fans and filmgoers could not be more thankful with how serious he took the role of Cable. The character is dark, brooding, and does not match the tone of every other aspect in this film. But Brolin is a master of his craft and snuck his character into the film in a way that is appreciated and emotionally driven. Now, how anyone can realistically have a problem with the race-swapping of the character would be a ridiculous argument after watching Zazie Beetz completely own her portrayal of Domino. There is just the initial response to Beetz’s performance, which is very good, which leaves the future of her role in these films as a very exciting prospect for fans.

The Little Things: It must be highlighted that the soundtrack to Deadpool 2 perfectly pairs with the highs and lows of the film and is completely in sync with the scenes in which they are accompanied by. From Dolly Parton to Celine Dion. The abundance of pop culture references does tend to take over more important dialogue in the film. Though the references are hilarious and anyone who can grasp their timing and relevance will certainly appreciate the film on a different level; this is also how the film can lose some of the audience. At the end of a film, you never want to have asked: “I wonder if everyone else got that?”. And there is no doubt this question will fly through your mind more than a handful of times. So the little things such as music and jokes can hit or miss, but they are worth it to those who can catch them.

A Bit Bunched Together: There are simply too many opposing themes in this film. This can be very confusing at times since the characters refuse to match what a scene may be trying to deliver to the audience. But maybe that pairs with the idea of the character of Deadpool? Even so, a closer attention to writing and direction may solve this issue in future predicted sequels.

Deadpool 2 is a well-crafted sequel that delivers major laughs and very exciting action. A combination of great acting, direction, and writing make this a must-see for comic fans and anyone who likes to see a successful sequel. But be prepared to miss some laughs and be confused by the constant shift of tone.

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