Eddie the Eagle [2016] tells the true story of aspiring Olympian Eddie Edwards, played by Kingsman’s Taron Egerton. Desperately wanting to be an Olympic athlete since youth, Eddie discovers his love of ski jumping and under the reluctant tutelage of a former American jumper (Hugh Jackman), eats it several times. And also chases his dreams or whatever.

Warm and fuzzy. Unlike the film’s brisk settings, Eddie the Eagle is warm and uplifting. The film is exceedingly hopeful and positive and is a welcome change of pace from the more dreary, dire fare that seems all too abundant in our multiplexes. Eddie’s relentless determination and ambition is inspiring to watch and is the basis of one of the most enjoyable and family-friendly sports films in quite a while. Unless the sight of smoking scars you which is apparently a thing now.

No sophomore slump here. In Taron Egerton’s second leading role, he proves that Kingsman was no fluke and he is here to stay. This role is vastly different to that of Eggsy from Kingsman. Eddie is an innocent and seemingly positive to a fault, a stark transition to the chav, punk-ish nature of Egerton’s previous leading role. It’s nice to see from variety, especially so young in his career.

Clichéd and proud. This film by no means subverts the inspirational sports genre. It features many cliches and sports tropes that will no doubt feel familiar to any movie fan with a broad palette. However, that does not break the film. It carries on steadily and even though a lot of the thematic material has been done to death, it is hard not to leave the theatre satisfied and smiling.*cough*that’s what she said*cough*

Eddie’s an 80’s baby. This film captures an 80’s feel pretty well (at least I think. I was born in ‘94). The soundtrack and costuming help make it feel like it is a film made in that decade, even if it isn’t always the most subtle about it. The film is solid-looking and competently put together and while it doesn’t come off as low quality given its small budget, it certainly isn’t off the charts in any technical aspects. This is absolutely not a damnation of any of the filmmaking, but nothing really stands out as exceptional from a technical perspective.


A light, breezy, and fun time at the movies. Eddie might not be the most impressively made or original film around, but it has a fun, inspiring story and leaves a smile on your face as the credits roll.  

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Eddie the Eagle
3.5Overall Score
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