Forgetting the Girl

Still of Forgetting the Girl Movie (2012 Movie Review

Forgetting the Girl introduces us to Kevin Wolfe (Christopher Denham), a soft-spoken photographer consumed by his need to try to reconcile the traumatic childhood memory of his sister's accidental death. He works in a rented studio space with a chatty and emotionally fragile makeup assistant, Jamie (Lindsay Beamish). Their job brings upon encounters with a flurry of wannabe actresses and models. They fleetingly pass, both into and out of Kevin's life. 

Kevin addresses the camera directly, with neurotic detail to explain his sometimes unusual, borderline obsessive way with the ladies. We follow Kevin’s visits to his last living relative, his grandmother (Phyllis Somerville), his awkward but well-meaning exchanges with potential clients/ potential subjects of a mild infatuation (one of which is Adrienne, played by Anna Camp). He scared her off with his tenacious approach to the post-hookup.

The proclamation power-point presentation. The three P's, if you will. Kevin speaking directly into the camera is reminiscent of a mediocre high-school drama monologue.

Mawkish is the only way to describe the script. Especially when Jamie repeats the whole "I want to be beautiful for you, Kevin" bit. Involuntary eye-roll.gore level is set to a minimum. It achieves the same intended result without the use of gratuitous violence.

The end. Many viewers will probably predict what will happen, the first 10 minutes in. Well thought out, nonetheless.

Interesting concept. Good ending.
Forgetting the Girl
is above average for an independent production.

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