Killer Kate! [2018] is the feature debut of writer/director Elliot Feld. Starring Danielle Burgess, Tiffany Shepis, and Alexandra Feld; the film centers on estranged sisters catching up over a weekend bachelorette getaway set at a remote house targeted by a family of amateur killers.

“Shouldn’t we call the police?” Kate and Angie are sisters who haven’t spoken in years. When they end up getting away for the weekend at an AirBNB they are attacked by a family of amateur killers who rented out their home with the purpose of riting a cosmic wrong. This setup is to allow ample room for blood, gore, and humor which the film certainly contains but to varying degrees of quality.

“I just got why they call them tums.” The whole production sits right above the amateur filmmaking line. Everything looks great, and the audio is mostly handled really well (despite some moments of lower dialogue followed by louder music). The performances aren’t bad, with a few notable standouts, but nothing overall is elevated much beyond acceptable. The fun, funny, or thrilling aspects are never really nailed, and the overall tone fails to connect. There’s no urgency whatsoever despite characters needing to kill other characters and other characters wanting to not be killed. There are the typically bad decisions made that can be found in any horror film, but here they’re even more eye-roll inducing due to how unexciting the story is. There’s no real character development or relationship growth, and the reasoning behind the whole fiasco is an absolute joke.

“You know how long we been in this town bitch?” There’s so much promise here. There really is a solid effort that’s horribly bogged down the more things progress. Everyone involved in the production has a firm grasp on something worthwhile but failed to bring it all together into a worthy production.

The only horror found in Killer Kate! is its numerous faults made by potentially promising filmmakers.

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