Kung Fury [2015] Spoiler Free Movie Review
Kung Fury [2015] is the newest short film epic directed, written, and starring David Sandberg. The film follows Kung Fury (David Sandberg), a cop that was struck by lightning, and bitten by a cobra, therefore gaining the power to master Kung Fury (a special type of Kung Fu). After a series of events, Adolf Hitler a.k.a. "Kung Führer" (Jorma Taccone) travels through time in an attempt to kill Kung Fury so that he could be the one true master of Kung Fury. So Kung Fury hacks through time with the help of Hackerman (Leopold Nilsson), in order to stop Hitler from ever gaining the ability to master Kung Fury.
You’re hacking through time. The film is pretty much the greatest 80’s themed film ever made, it has everything from cheesy one-liners, DOS computer hacking, techno-pop soundtrack (featuring an amazing David Hasselhoff song), and a triceratops cop named “Triceracop” (Erik Hörnqvist). If you’re a big fan of the 80’s, you’ll find a bunch of amazing bits from the well-known Knight Rider, to the more obscure Miami Connection (at least I felt a bit of Miami Connection).
You’re hacking too much time.  Kung Fury is a pretty good looking film, especially for a crowd funded project. The CGI is definitely a bit cheesy, but that is kind of the point. The main reason why I want to talk about the way it was shot is for the impressive lateral tracking shot that was used for the Nazi fight scene. David Sandberg knows how to direct a film, even if it is meant to be cheesy. There are some really nice shots that keep the cheese factor, but can also be appreciated for just being good shots.
You don’t hassle the Hoff.  It’s a bit difficult to review this film seriously because it’s just one of those films that you either appreciate, or you don’t. This can be said for pretty much any film, but if you don’t like 80’s themes, one-liners, and cheesy effects, well then this film isn’t for you.

Techno-pop music, lasers, 80’s references, mullets, throwback 80’s cartoon segment, and David Hasselhoff. 


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