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Raymond Cabrera

North 2014

​North [2014]

​North : Living on a farm with only his mother for most of his life, Aaron (Barry Keoghan) struggles to accept his family's decision of letting his mother willingly die.   This film hurts: North paints a realistic depiction of what it’s li... READ MORE
Frances Ha [2012]

Frances Ha [2012]

Frances Ha : The story of Frances (Greta Gerwig) a 27-year-old dancer living in New York, trying to sort out what she’s doing with her life. This film is like magic: Frances Ha is like a great coming of age film if you take away the usu... READ MORE
Joe Dirt [2001]

Joe Dirt [2001]

Joe Dirt : Joe (David Spade) is a custodian at a Los Angeles radio station who can’t seem to catch a break. After a confrontation in the hallway with presumably other employees at the station, he is discovered by a producer, who immediately... READ MORE