Frances Ha [2012]
Frances Ha [2012]: The story of Frances (Greta Gerwig) a 27-year-old dancer living in New York, trying to sort out what she’s doing with her life.

This film is like magic: Frances Ha is like a great coming of age film if you take away the usual cliches and formulas. There’s no over dramatization, and no movie style romance. It’s essentially a film about nothing, just regular people, going through their everyday life.

Why is the film like magic?: The characters, all the characters just feel real, not only by their acting, but by their dialogue, and their individual stories. If a character goes off screen for a while they may come back with a story to tell, or contribute to the story of Frances. Almost like seeing an old friend who updates you on what they’re doing in life. Or getting a simple call from your parents just to hear how things are going. Frances Ha is like a reflection of reality, where everything is imperfect around us. Though we still find joy in the people we choose to be around that gets us through everything.

All the actors are just fantastic in the film. Though Noah Baumbach has a certain style/pace in his dialogue, the direction feels natural.  It’s Seinfeld like without the jokes, and wacky situations.

Yes, this is just a film, but it’s a wonderful film. 
Take what you want from it, or don’t take anything.
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