7 Chinese Brothers

7 Chinese Brothers [2015]: After getting fired from his job, Larry (Jason Schwartzman) get's a job at a Jiffy lube. With an incentive to see his attractive boss (Eleanore Pienta) every day, and to stay financially stable, he gets pharmaceuticals from his best friend Major Norwood (Tunde Adebimpe). Things aren't great for Larry since he's an alcoholic, and has trouble dealing with people.

What a downer of a film: Without going into spoilers, this film is very depressing. But not in an authentic way, what seems to be twists and turns; end up being predictable. It's alright to have a movie where everything around the protagonist gets worse by each scene. The feelings are a bit shoehorned, and it's hard to emphasize with Larry's situation. The trailer looked like a promising indie comedy. While there was some genuine laughs, the artificial drama kind of killed the enjoyment overall.

Lazy Larry himself: There's not much to take away from this film, other than Jason Schwartzman's performance. There is a sort of charisma that Schwartzman has, where he can be likable in any role. Where Larry himself isn't exactly the most likable of slackers in cinema. Schwartzman uses his charm to make the film worth watching to the end.

Lazy slacker film: Jason Schwartzman is kinda perfect for a lead role in a slacker film. He has a laid back tone and the charisma that could get him to talk out of anything. Although there were bits that were great, and Schwartzman killed it. The script fell flat and didn't bring an overall satisfaction in the end.

If you like Schwartzman, then you might be entertained by his performance. Otherwise, 7 Chinese Brothers gets 7 thumbs down.