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The Other Side [2015]: A guy has to kill people, to save a loved one from being killed.

The reasons why this is a good short film: The Other Side has fantastic fight sequences though the violence is not as over the top, the fight choreography is almost on par with something like The Raid (2011). Acting is alright, the plot is very good, but this film shines with the editing. This film has a very simple 4-second scene that completely shifts subject of the film. This scene could’ve been done many different ways, though in this case it was pretty much perfectly executed. The reason this scene amazes me is because I saw the film three times in a row and felt a small chill each time I passed that scene even though I knew what was going to happen.

One problem: The second half might have been a bit unneeded, it was still nice, but it could’ve had a more impactful ending a bit sooner.