North 2014

​North [2014]: Living on a farm with only his mother for most of his life, Aaron (Barry Keoghan) struggles to accept his family's decision of letting his mother willingly die.

This film hurts: North paints a realistic depiction of what it’s like when you have to say goodbye to a loved one. The film has a lot of emotion in its 20ish minute run, stemming from the gloomy tone to the superb acting from the whole cast. The genius in this film is that you’re dropped in right at the end of the story. Even though you know so little about Aaron, and his mom; you can empathize with the family, their history together is told through the writing, and performances.

One other thing to note: The film appears to have imperfections during certain scenes where it seems to be shot on film stock. This might of been actually shot on film stock, or just something added in post. I assumed there was a meaning behind it since I really noticed it during the most emotional scenes, but it could just be there to look nice. I don’t know a lot about film stock so I could just be totally wrong about everything.


Superb acting, and storytelling. It’s beautiful, tragic, and depressing.