Neighbors [2014is the epitome of the type of film you’d imagine third-rate movie executives to come up with. Grossing over $150 million dollars in the US alone, this is a very successful piece of mediocre garbage.

What is to be made of this haplessly uncool couple that just wants a good night rest? While it should have ended abruptly to save us the lecture, it doesn't. Just sneak in a nice moral of the story so the audience doesn't leave with a feeling of emptiness (caused by consuming trash). Moral: The party is officially over once you're married and have a child, but it's cool, though. Cause maturity, and whatever. 

Oh yeah, Seth Rogen takes off his top and remains shirtless for a while at the end of the film as well. Schlub (Seth Rogen) and his attractive wife (Rose Byrne) have a newborn baby. Uh oh, loud partying frat house moves next door. There goes the neighborhood. It largely consists of slapstick, crude, toilet humor and popular culture references. I never want to see Seth Rogen shirtless, sweaty, panting body again. To ease the trauma, there's a quick deflection to Zac Efron topless and tan.


Same formulaic comedy, starring Seth Rogen's bod' as a prop.  
You have been warned.

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