Resident Evil: The Final Chapter [2016]: This franchise has just been continuously deteriorating worse than the walking corpses it claims to feature, and this movie was where it just died. For five movies now, the zombies and the corporation that created them have been destroying the world, and this is where the good guys make their final stand against them.

Where is the Effort?: This "story's" writing lacks so many basic essentials that it's just frickin' mind-boggling. I offer no hyperbole when I say that the entire second act could be dropped from the movie with no consequence. The story requires our protagonist Alice (Milla Jovovich) to get from point A to point B. Nothing keeps her from doing that in the second act, she just twiddles her thumbs for no reason other than add to the runtime. And that's just one example. Second in this neglectful nonsense is the obvious twists and obvious plot developments that are obviously obvious because they are obviously telegraphed from an obvious mile off, giving us nothing to find surprising, no "shocking" revelations to get emotional over. Worst of all is the utter lack of investment: we've got no reason to care, even if the story was competently told. We get four or five new characters filling new roles in the story, and we're supposed to develop an emotional attachment to all of them. We do not. Simply because we have no reason to. Anything likable about them is glanced over, anything that lets us understand them is non-existent and anything they do is uninteresting. And it's not exclusive to the side-characters, it applies to the main ones, even those we've been following for five damn movies.

There was a Series here, it's Gone now: If you watched the other five movies, you wasted your time. They have long-since been on a quest to forget every movie beforehand, and then keep doing so. It's bad enough that the exposition and plot developments here directly and blatantly contradict easily-verifiable facts from the other movies, but it goes so very, very deeper, and oh-so-much worse. This movie shoots each and every one before it in the head; it literally renders them all moot, introducing concepts that hold no significance to the events of the other movies. This movie thinks that its ties everything together when in reality it rips it all to utter shreds. If this movie made the slightest modicum of effort it wouldn't even exist.

Disrespect... Just... Disrespect: This movie's failures have no excuse. They are not even failures; failure implies a conscious effort to succeed. It ignores everything that came before and ignores any investment we might have had. It's padded out and hopes we'll be distracted by the guns and the zombies. It re-writes the rules and expects us to forget how they used to be. It throws out names and concepts from the games it claims to be adapting and expects the fans and creators to accept them as accurate. These insults are inexcusable.

This movie expects us to not think.
I reject this and implore you to do the same.
Vote with your wallets, do not see this movie.
Tell Hollywood that we are not stupid and we expect more.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter
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