Image from Use Me (2019)

Use Me is a docufiction written and directed by Australian filmmaker Julian Shaw. In the film, Julian is making a new film about an adult film star named Ceara who makes money by humiliating men over the internet. After meeting her online, he travels to her home to understand her lifestyle in person.

Reality. The most amazing thing about this film and something that Julian Shaw put tons of effort into blurring the line between a documentary and a written film. He used his own name in the film, Ceara Lynch used her own name in the film and there were so many little moments like her appearance on “The Joe Rogan Experience” that made the film look like a real documentary.

Acting. Ceara Lynch is stunning. Yes, she is playing herself, for the most part. However, the small moments like looking like she is on the verge of tears when receiving flowers from Julian or fighting with Julian makes her look like an actual actress, not an adult film star. Julian Shaw did just fine too, especially towards the end of the film when the film got more intense.

Story. One of my favorite things that a film can do is throw you into a scene that gets your attention and Use Me does just that. Without spoiling anything, there is a reason for the beginning scene and make sure you don’t miss it, and the reason for it playing again later in the film is very powerful. However, I was disappointed with the plot line for the most part. A new character is introduced named Princess Cassie who doesn’t really do that much in the story. I would have preferred a much more intimate story that just involved Julian and Ceara, rather than this third character who is brought in halfway through the narrative. It should be noted that the film is adult in nature so make sure that the kids aren’t around when you watch this film, but there isn’t anything extreme that will turn viewers away.

A very well-acted and inventive adult-oriented film
that aims high but just misses its mark.

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