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Chance Parker

All I Wish 2017 Spoiler Free Movie Review

All I Wish

All I Wish : The best comparison for a film that I can come up with for the premise of All I Wish is that it is a romantic comedy version of Groundhog Day.
Entanglement (2017) Spoiler Free Movie Review


Entanglement is a dramedy about Ben, played by Thomas Middleditch, and his quest to find a reason for being. It begins with Ben’s failure to commit suicide in his apartment, a few scenes later his father has a heart-attack and thinking he may only h... READ MORE
Spirit Game Pride of a Nation Spoiler Free Movie Review

Spirit Game: Pride of a Nation

Spirit Game: Pride of a Nation : There aren’t too many documentaries that should be proud that their lacrosse footage is their best asset, however Spirit Game: Pride of a Nation is probably the rare exception. The film, directed by Peter Spirer ... READ MORE
The Dark Tapes 2017 Spoiler Free Movie Review

The Dark Tapes

The Dark Tapes is a found footage horror film written and directed by Vincent J. Guastini and Michael McQuown. There is no explanation of who found the ta... READ MORE
Somewhere-Beautiful Movie Review

Somewhere Beautiful

Somewhere Beautiful  could be one of the most interesting, yet also one of the most frustrating movies that I’ve seen in the past few years. There are moments of beauty and some terrific filmmaking, however, there are also moments of head scratc... READ MORE
Chance Parker

Chance Parker

Contributing Writer

Chance lives in Texas, graduated with a degree in Exercise and Sports Sciences and a minor in Journalism. He offsets his boring 9-5 day job with a passionate love for collecting blu-rays, seeing newly released features in theaters, and making road trips across the country to see all 30 major league baseball stadiums. So far, he has seen almost half of them.