Year in Review: The 5 Best Movies of 2017 [Chance Parker]

This year's recap of the best films could easily be the most difficult to distinguish between in recent memory. I usually like to have the films in a ranking order, however, this year's five films could easily change places with one another with no argument from me. Even the honorable mentions are really good films and I could've listed more, however, I wanted to limit myself. Without further ado, here is my final decision on the greatest films of the year that was 2017.

Lady Bird - Best Movies of 2017

“I hate California, I want to go to the east coast.
I want to go where culture is like New York, or Connecticut or New Hampshire.”

A complete masterpiece in what it was trying to achieve. There are more ambitious films made this year, maybe more important films, however this simple turmoil of adolescence tale about a girl named Christine “Lady Bird” McPherson has very few flaws. When I sat down to think about which of these films should be at the top of the list, I thought about which world I would want to visit again and I chose this one every time. Writer/Director Greta Gerwig debuts with a splash and Saoirse Ronan, as well as Laurie Metcalf deliver heartbreaking performances that may carry them to Oscar gold.  

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri - Best Movies of 2017

“The more you keep a case in the public eye, the better your chances are at getting it solved.”

The definition of a raw film that does not pull any punches and every word used on the playground is sure to be heard in this film. Frances McDormand is brilliant as a grieving mother who sees no progress in the case of her daughter's brutal murder. To combat that, she decides to point the finger at the police department using three billboards near her home. Woody Harrelson and Sam Rockwell as the main characters in the police department are funny and have interesting story arcs of their own. Ultimately, one of the best films of the year that will bring all sorts of emotions out of you by the time the credits roll.

I, Tonya

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I Tonya - Best Movies of 2017

“I was loved for a minute, then I was hated. Then I was just a punch line.”

Whether you remember the true story or not, this film dazzles. It has the style of a music video mixed with a documentary. The editing is so impressive and Margot Robbie steps up her game by taking on this highly recognizable figure and making the character her own. The film walks a tightrope of drama and comedy without ever punching down at Tonya. It is a story about why the world never understood her and hopefully, what we can all learn from our previous mistakes.

The Shape of Water

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The Shape of Water - Best Movies of 2017

“When he looks at me, the way he looks at me. He does not know what I lack or how I am incomplete. He sees me for what I am, as I am. He’s happy to see me every time, every day. And now I can either save him or let him die.”

Sally Hawkins is breathtaking and engaging for two hours in her role as a mute janitor who finds a creature in a government-funded laboratory and develops a relationship with it. The supporting cast is stellar, the creature effects are flawless and director Guillermo Del Toro seems to have made his most accessible film to date.

The Disaster Artist - Best Movies of 2017

“Well I give them job, I give them salary, I’ve spent five million dollar on this movie, Greg!”

There is a point in The Disaster Artist when you find out that the writer/director/producer/star of the worst movie ever made, “The Room”, spent way too much money to make it. It is at this point that I realized that I shouldn't be laughing at James Franco's Tommy Wiseau, rather celebrating his achievement. Did he fail in his mission? Yes. However, he didn't fail in getting the movie made and he did it the way he wanted. Franco directed the film beautifully and his portrayal of Wiseau was spot on.

Honorable Mentions:

Get Out | Phantom Thread | Split