All I Wish

Sharon Stone in the film, All I Wish
All I Wish [2017]: The best comparison for a film that I can come up with for the premise of All I Wish is that it is a romantic comedy version of Groundhog Day. Senna, played by Sharon Stone, is a fashion designer struggling to find success in her professional life, and as relatable as many of us may find we may also relate to her with the other struggles in her life just as much. She can't seem to find a relationship. The film, written and directed by Susan Walter, cuts to Senna every so often on a very special day...her birthday. As Senna gets older, we find out how her life progresses in some areas and regresses in others and although this is very much a romantic comedy, it will make you think about your own life.

Structure: I've long been a firm believer that the structure of the story can be the most interesting part of the story and so is the case with All I Wish. The skips in time to each of Senna's birthdays were very clever and showed the way the character evolved in a simple scene. The story overall does a decent job of steering away from cliches. The film does start a bit slow, but after you get past the first act and all of the cast is on screen, the story unfolds quite well and if you enjoy a good romantic comedy, it will be right up your alley.

Acting: Sharon Stone puts on a powerhouse performance as Senna, she is strong at times and also vulnerable. The range that Stone shows in this film is not one that we have seen from her in a long time. Tony Goldwyn is also charming and certainly will be the person that every woman keeps their eye on. Ellen Burstyn is terrific, as usual in a small role as Senna's overbearing mother. Overall, as an ensemble, the cast is the best part of the film and it was a joy watching them work.

Sharon Stone's performance leads the way in a surprisingly
interesting romantic comedy that does it's best to stay
away from everything you've seen before.

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