You Get Me [2017] is a tale of boy loves girl, girl loves boy. They fight and he meets a mysterious stranger, who has just as much of a mysterious past.

Where’s the middle? A good film has a beginning, middle, and an ending – so that us, as an audience, can feel we’ve achieved something through these characters and their lives we’re following for 90 minutes. You Get Me has a beginning. And it has an ending. The entire movie I’m left wanting more – more from the story, more from the characters (and more importantly, their lightly touched on backstories) just more in general. There’s no build to the story until the last five minutes and even that is poorly executed.

In the AM. This film is full of cheesy one liners and badly delivered ‘climactic’ moments. Sometimes the best ‘oh my god’ lines of a movie are ones that are delivered at an unexpected time with an ease of cool. This movie just tried too hard to wow their audience.

Shake It Up. The best performances would’ve had to come from Bella Thorne and Halston Sage – I love up and coming actors, but the performances from the people in this movie wasn’t great. It was pretty monotone throughout the entire movie and didn’t leave me wanting to watch more of their work. Not to entirely blame them – the script writing in this film was pretty mediocre as well, a good actor can work with any type of material, but I don’t think even De Niro could’ve saved this script.

Light(ing) bulb moment. I will give major props to the cinematographer of the film, Magdalena Gorka. The contrasting colors and beautiful shots of scenery were pretty much the only things that kept me watching until the end of this 89-minute film. The mix of blues, oranges and reddish pinks portrayed the emotions that were supposed to carry the scenes and heightened the film.


This cliché teenage ‘love story’ really left me asking ‘not another teen movie?’
Along with many other questions, the biggest one - why did I waste my time?  

You Get Me
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