AFI Fest

AFI Fest is the American Film Institute’s annual celebration of artistic excellence.
Old Stone 2016 Still

Old Stone

Old Stone (Lao shi) is the thrilling debut of director/writer Johnny Ma starring Gang Chen as a taxi driver dealing with the repercussions of hitting a mo... READ MORE
The Lure Spoiler Free Movie Review

The Lure

The Lure  (Córki dancingu) is by far one of the most unique films of the year. The feature debut of Polish Director Agnieszka Smoczynska the film follows a... READ MORE
Kati Kati 2016 Spoiler Free Movie Review

Kati Kati

Kati Kati directed by newcomer Mbithi Masya follows Kaleche (Nyokabi Gethaiga), a young woman who has no memory of her life and death, get used to the afterlif... READ MORE
Album 2016 Spoiler Free Movie Review


Album is the feature debut of Turkish writer/director Mehmet Can Mertoglu starring a husband, Murat Kiliç, and wife, Sebnem Bozoklu, who attempt to keep secret... READ MORE
Graduation (Bacalaureat) 2016 Spoiler Free Movie Review


Graduation (Bacalaureat) is the latest film from Romanian writer/director Cristian Mungiu. Starring Adrian Titieni and Maria-Victoria Dragus as father and daug... READ MORE
Dark Night 2016 Spoiler Free Movie Review

Dark Night

Dark Night is a unique drama from writer/director Tim Sutton which follows a handful of unrelated individuals whose lives will inevitably collide at a movie th... READ MORE