The Lure Spoiler Free Movie Review

The Lure [2015] (Córki dancingu) is by far one of the most unique films of the year. The feature debut of Polish Director Agnieszka Smoczynska the film follows a pair of sisters who are man-eating mermaids who become singers in a cabaret. It’s a drama, a comedy, and yes…it’s a musical.

The Little Mermaid. Ultimately the story is based on the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale, but altogether it’s something quite different. I promise you’ve never seen anything like it. Besides the fact it’s the first musical film to come out of Poland, the presentation and performances are something special and truly unique. It’s got a strange flow to it, fun and poppy songs mixed with weird yet beautiful ballads, and of course sex and violence.

Siren Song. It’s a technical matter but…these aren’t really mermaids. They’re sirens. They sing to entrance others, they’re dangerous, mischievous creatures. That being said, they’re beautifully intriguing and it’s not just the tail that makes them so. The sisters are played by Marta Mazurek (Silver) and Michalina Olszanska (Golden) and they give fascinating performances that make it difficult to look away. And their voices are excellent; actually, everybody in this film gives an excellent vocal performance. The music and singing are all special and on point. The lyrics may leave something to be desired in a song or two, but otherwise, it’s all pretty great.

Color. Sound. Flesh. From the opening shot, it’s clear this will be a beautifully lit film. The cinematography is vibrant, full of texture, kind of dreamlike. The sound is gorgeous as it should be, and everything is mixed and produced very well. The effects for the tales look just great, whether it’s CG or practical it fuses well in every use and nothing looks unbelievable. And if the production value and talent quality doesn’t sell you enough, there’s plenty of nudity to go around since…you know…mermaids are typically topless (this isn’t Disney). In all seriousness, however, this is an impressive debut, let alone an impressive feature for any director. The execution for such a strange and unique kind of film is striking and curiously intriguing.

The Lure shows off a promising filmmaker’s talents in producing a splendid and utterly peculiar story full of vibrant production value and beautiful music.

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