Modern Actors and Actresses in Photos Inspired by the works of Alfred Hitchcock (Vanity Fair)

Often referred to as the ‘20th Century Shakespeare’, Alfred Hitchcock mastered all the technical and formal aspects of cinema shaping them into his own. From every Psycho shower scene rip-off or North By Northwest crop duster chase copy and paste, it seems that everything that came after Hitchcock was a direct influence that complemented his unique but powerful filmmaking.

Even in the 21st Century with our new-fangled devices, we are referencing the academic success of Hitchcock with subtle nods to his masterpieces. Vanity Fair has combined the past and present by collaborating today’s biggest stars with classic cinema to recreate familiar scenes with a modern twist.

Dial M for Murder – Charlize Theron

charlize hitchcock

Rear Window – Scarlett Johansson and Javier Bardem

Marnie – Naomi Watts

Rebecca – Keira Knightley and Jennifer Jason Leigh

Strangers on a Train – Emile Hirsch and James McAvoy

Vertigo – Renee Zellweger

To Catch a Thief – Gwyneth Paltrow and Robert Downey Jr.

Lifeboat – Tang Wei, Josh Brolin, Casey Affleck, Eva Marie Saint, Ben Foster, Omar Metwally, and Julie Christie

The Birds – Jodie Foster

North By Northwest – Seth Rogen

Psycho – Marion Cotillard

Source: Vanity Fair