Alex Webster

Still from "Calvaire" (2004)


A traveling entertainer's car breaks down in a strange town where he has no other option but to stay at an isolated inn. A nightmare begins.
Still from The Visitor (2022)

The Visitor

A psychological horror about a man who mysteriously discovers an old portrait in the attic of someone who looks just like him.

Spin Me Round

A woman wins an all-expenses-paid trip to a company's institute outside of Florence.
Rebecca Hall in Resurrection (2022)


One long pulling of a string until the tension snaps it in half, Resurrection wants to expel as much dread from its audience as possible before spilling the beans.

Paradise Highway

Paradise Highway tackles human trafficking with a thriller's edge, and the results are mixed.
Film still from Mad God (2021)

Mad God

Phil Tippett's Mad God is a testament to the power of effort.
Still from Lux Æterna

Lux Æterna

Every year that a Gaspar Noé project is released, you can almost guarantee that it will create a discussion about the masochistic pleasures of being disturbed through art. Lux Æterna is one such film.
Karen Gillan in Dual (2022)


Scifi-thriller follows a woman who purchases a clone and has to prepare to engage in a government-sanctioned televised deathmatch against her clone.
Caleb Landry Jones in Nitram (2021)


Explores the events leading up to the Port Arthur tragedy to understand why and how the atrocity occurred.
Jason Sudeikis in South of Heaven

South of Heaven

After serving 12 years for armed robbery, Jimmy (Jason Sudeikis) is released from prison and intends to give his childhood love Amy (Evangeline Lilly) — now dying from cancer — the best year of her life.
Knocking (2021) film still


A woman leaves the psychiatric ward after a nervous breakdown, only to start hearing mysterious knocking sounds in her apartment.
Film Still from Lucky (2020)


A mysterious and threatening figure follows the protagonist May and attacks her night after night inside her home.
Film Still of Wonderful Paradise (2021)

Wonderful Paradise

The Sasaya family has to leave the wealthy suburb of Tokyo. The move is slow, long, and heartbreaking, so the two Sasaya children turn the grieving process into an exuberant and unpredictable farewell party.
Rose Williams in The Power (2021)

The Power

Set in 1974 Britain as the country prepares for electrical blackouts — Val, the new trainee nurse must work the night shift in an empty building.

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