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Kevin Jones

To the Bone 2017 Spoiler Free Movie Review

To the Bone [2017]

To the Bone : Throughout the history of film, the medium has been used to pull back the curtain on various issues, bringing them to the forefront for all to see... READ MORE
Okja 2017 Spoiler Free Movie Review

Okja [2017]

Okja : The message behind Okja is clear: the meat packing industry and the corporate arm behind it are cruel, vicious, and unfeeling. It looks at animals as nothing more than profit and a method of making money to fatten their already fat pockets. In... READ MORE
War Machine 2017 Spoiler Free Movie Review

War Machine [2017]

War Machine : In understanding Netflix’s new business model of supporting auteurs by funding their unfundable projects, Australian Director David Michôd seems t... READ MORE
Small Crimes 2017 Spoiler Free Movie Review

Small Crimes [2017]

Small Crimes is the second feature-length film from Director Evan Katz (also known as E.L. Katz. Starring Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, of Game of Thrones fame, as a convicted cop being released from prison after an attempted murder charge, the film shows ... READ MORE

Sand Castle [2017]

Sand Castle : Written by Iraq War veteran Chris Roessner and directed by Brazilian Fernando Coimbra, Sand Castle is the latest release from Netflix and, as with... READ MORE
Kevin Jones

Kevin Jones

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College graduate with a degree in marketing. Hoping to begin a masters degree in film studies by the end of next year with the end goal of becoming a professor or academic writer. Until then, just watching as many movies as possible and continuing to study the medium.