Ex Machina 2015 Spoiler Free Movie Review
Ex Machina [2015] is a science fiction drama film following Caleb, a programmer who wins a competition to spend time at a mansion with his boss, Nathan - the CEO of the world’s largest internet company (played by Oscar Isaac). Caleb soon learns that he will become privy to Nathans's new technology project. Once a non-disclosure agreement is signed, Caleb meets the newest frontier in artificial intelligence, a robot named Ava (Alicia Vikander). Caleb is the first person to meet Ava (bar the creator) and his goal will be to test whether Ava passes the Turing Test.

Wow-wee. Written by the acclaimed novelist, Alex Garland. He takes the director's seat for the first time ever and proves that he has an eye for art and film. The mountain retreat owned by Nathan is fit for a wealthy tech genius with impeccable taste. Right outside this modernist dream home of many (a real place, mind you), we are treated to gorgeous scenic backdrops. Ex Machina reaches the peak level of aesthetically pleasing, a 10 out of 10.

Graphics too! So it’s a good-looking film, check. Now to comment on the quality of graphics since it’s a sci-fiction and all. Believable, impressive, used with purpose and restraint. There's no going overboard but there's just enough to impress you, that's for damn sure.

That strong writing backbone. It is intelligent, sophisticated, amusing, perturbing, touching, and engaging. The characters are multi-dimensional and are not tired cliches. The writing touches on wonderfully intriguing concepts, such as creation, the meeting of the abstract and logical, and perhaps the meeting of (human) nature and technology. Leaving us with a lot left to ponder when the movie ends.

Absolutely phenomenal. 
Do not miss it.

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