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A24 Movie Reviews

A24 is an American independent entertainment company.
A Ghost Story 2017 Spoiler Free Movie Review

A Ghost Story [2017]

A Ghost Story : Intermittently devastating and undeniably stylish, David Lowery’s post-horror experiment is largely a success.  At its best, it explores th... READ MORE
It Comes at Night 2017 Spoiler Free Movie Review

It Comes at Night [2017]

It Comes At Night is the latest horror film from writer and director Trey Edward Shults – a complete change in tone from his previous comedy drama Krisha. Prod... READ MORE
Moonlight 2016 Spoiler Free Movie Review

Moonlight [2016]

Moonlight : Based on the play ‘In Moonlight Black Boys Look Blue’ penned by Tarell Alvin McCraney, first-time Director Barry Jenkins molds the text into a genui... READ MORE
20th century women 2016 Annete Benning

20th Century Women [2016]

20th Century Women : In 20th Century Women, an aging single mother recruits two younger women to guide her teenage son. “Can’t things just be pretty?”… We... READ MORE
American Honey 2016 Movie Still

American Honey [2016]

American Honey , an indie movie involving road trips, atypical camerawork, and teenagers blossoming into adulthood. Sounds cliché, doesn’t it? Well, I’m here to... READ MORE
swiss army man 2016

Swiss Army Man [2016]

Swiss Army Man is about a man lost in the woods and the dead body he befriends. Weekend at Wilson’s. The comparisons are obvious and easy to make. A man lost ... READ MORE
Room [2015]

Room [2015]

Room not to be confused with The Room or Four Rooms (gee, cinema sure loves rooms, eh?) is a Canadian-Irish drama based on Emma Donoghue’s acclaimed novel of... READ MORE
Mississippi Grind [2015]

Mississippi Grind [2015]

Mississippi Grind  tells the story of Gerry (Ben Mendelsohn), a down-on-his-luck gambler who owes money to “everyone.” That is until hope comes in the form ... READ MORE
Under the Skin 2013 Spoiler Free Movie Review

Under the Skin [2013]

Under the Skin : A mysterious young woman (Scarlett Johansson) roams the streets of Scotland in the evening hours, searching for men to seduce. Nearly ten years... READ MORE
Slow West 2015 Spoiler Free Movie Review

Slow West [2015]

Slow West is the directorial debut of John Maclean. It is the story of a young Scotsman named Jay (Kodi Smit-McPhee), who, along with a drifter named Silas (Mi... READ MORE
Ex Machina 2015 Spoiler Free Movie Review

Ex Machina [2015]

Ex Machina  is the science fiction drama film based around Caleb (Domhnall Gleeson),  a programmer who wins a competition to spend an undisclosed... READ MORE