Run the Tide [2016] is Soham Mehta’s first feature film. Run the Tide stars Taylor Lautner, Constance Zimmer, Johanna Braddy and a debut performance from Nico Christou. The film revolves around two brothers who are left to pick up the pieces after their father has passed away and their drug abusive mother is put in jail. After hearing that his mother is soon to be released from jail, Reymund (Lautner) kidnaps his brother Oliver (Christou) and they travel to a coastline of California.

Brotherhood. One of the strengths of the film is the chemistry between Reymund (Lautner) and Oliver (Christou). Both actors bring an honest and organic approach to their respective roles, that it is completely believable the two are on-screen brothers. Remarkably, it is the first film appearance from Christou, who performs at a surprisingly high level considering his experience.

Constance Zimmer accomplishes her role as a drug abusive mother attempting to repent for her past. Though she may play second fiddle to Lautner and Christou in screen time, she creates an emotional integrity and believability to her character. Much like the two brothers, her role as Lola has a fundamental candor to it.

Broken Family stories can be delicate to explore, as it is possible to either fall into comedic traps or steer into being far too heavy. Run the Tide, never takes a turning too far into either of the aforementioned styles. It has a dedicated sincerity to its characters and stays true to its realistic portrayal of dysfunctionality.

 An affecting film from a first-time director
that may not blow minds but keeps you watching.

Run the Tide
3.0Overall Score
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