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Dean White


Wheeler [2017]

Wheeler  is Ryan Ross’s first feature film. He is a writer, producer, actor, and director. Wheeler stars Stephen Dorff, as well as featuring a cameo from m... READ MORE
Paul Tanter Interview Kill Ratio

Kill Ratio – Q&A with Director Paul Tanter

Paul Tanter is a director, writer, and producer who has experience directing films from various genres, such as Crime, Action, and Sci-Fi. He's been making films for a number of years and has worked with talented actors that include Danny Dyer, Jason... READ MORE
Run the Tide 2016 Taylor Lautner

Run the Tide [2016]

Run the Tide is Soham Mehta’s first feature film. Run the Tide stars Taylor Lautner, Constance Zimmer, Johanna Braddy and a debut performance from Nico Ch... READ MORE
Christopher Boone Discusses Cents

Cents – Q&A with Director Christopher Boone

Cents is the first feature film for Writer and Director Christopher Boone. Sammy (Julia Flores) is an exceptionally intelligent twelve-year-old, who creates a moneymaking pyramid scheme with a group of school rivals. They do this by exploiting the sc... READ MORE
carl-theodor-dreye great directors - profile

Carl Theodor Dreyer

BIOGRAPHY: (3 February 1889 – 20 March 1968) Born in Denmark Carl Theodor Dreyer’s early life could be aptly described as stormy; He was born outside of matrimony to a Swedish housekeeper, Josefina Nilsson (1855-1891), who incapable of caring for ... READ MORE
Dean White

Dean White

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Film graduate, writer and video editor. Currently living in England with an unhealthy obsession with cinema.